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Cosmetic & Paramedical Tattooing

Look Like Yourself Only Better!


Imagine looking like yourself – only better!

At L’Or Cosmetics we can help you have again what time has taken away. Waking up with makeup can save you so much time each day, countless hours that we spend struggling to draw on eyebrows that are even or eyeliner that is half way straight! Then semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing is for you.

The tattooing does not intend to replace your preferred look altogether, it will enhance your own signature look. The best thing about the semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing is that you can apply as much additional makeup as you wish.


For the purposes of micropigmentation, it is the art of implanting pigment into skin to enhance your natural look. Specialised equipment is used to do this, allowing the right colour to be placed into the dermis. The effect is that when the pigment is placed correctly, it appears to be under a “veil” but is in fact being covered by the epidermis and this is what becomes the tattoo. The pigment can’t be placed in the epidermis because this part of the skin flakes, and this would mean that the pigment would come away with the flakes of skin.

Aftercare, Recovery

The aftercare is the most important aspect of retention of the pigment. If proper care isn’t taken the tattoo won’t last at all. Recovery is usually around two weeks to one month. Scabbing of the tattoo can occur and once this has healed, the tattoo is there to stay.

How long will the tattoo last?

It will last for a long time, but not forever.  This is because most pigments have black as a base colour, and black is the first colour to fade because it is the most vulnerable to sunlight, therefore it makes sense to freshen up the colour and brighten it up again every twelve to eighteen months, which is why it’s also called semi-permanent makeup.

Will it hurt?

No, not at all. I use only top quality topical anaesthetics to ensure that my patients are never uncomfortable during the procedure. During the initial first incisions you may feel a scratching type of sensation but the pain is easily controlled with the anaesthetics which are ordered in especially for you and this cost is included in your tattoo fee.


Occasionally you may require to have a medical procedure like an MRI performed. You will need to discuss your tattoos with your general practitioner so that your imaging technician is aware of this.  The pigments used in tattoos can heat up from the MRI. However at L’Or Cosmetics our pigments are MRI safe.