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Medical Services

Our Practice Has All of Your Medical Needs Covered

As a qualified GP Surgeon, Dr Edward Or offers a wide range of treatment options for patients of all ages.

Dr Or serves primarily as a general practitioner but also offers specialised services, including endoscopic services, skin cancer diagnostics and treatment and minor cosmetic procedures. This allows him to provide our patients with a wide range of medical services and treatments in the one location.


New England Skin & Medical Clinic chooses to participate in the GAP payment fee structure. This is so that your visit to the doctor is a lower cost then asking you to pay the full recommended fee. It means you will not receive a rebate from Medicare.

If you participate in the SAFETYNET, you must let the staff know, it is your responsibility to do this, our staff will take no responsibility if you neglect to advise them and your payment is processed.

We advise you at the time of making the appointment what your fee will be and the fees are also listed on our Practice Information Sheet.

New England Skin & Medical Clinic charges the following fees listed below,

CONSULTATIONS UP TO:                   GAP FEE                    SAFETYNET FEE

15 minutes:                                            $45                              $85

30 minutes:                                            $60                              $130             

45 minutes:                                            $80                              $180         

SURGICAL REFERRAL                       $100                            $180             


SKIN CANCER SPOT CHECK            $75                               $120

(up to 3 spots) (15 minute consult only)


(30 minutes)                                         $110                              $180


BIOPSIES                                            ALL BULK BILLED UNLESS IT IS A COSMETIC LESION REMOVAL



WIDER EXCISION:                            $300

SKIN FLAP:                                       $650

MOES:                                                $650


We do not issue accounts for consultations; Bulk Billing is at the doctors discretion; Payment is made at the time of consultation and can be made by cheque, cash or EFT.


Repeats for scripts are issues at the doctors discretion. No repeats will be issued if the script is an authority script, it has never been prescribed by the doctor previously and you have not seen the doctor for some time prior to the request. An out of pocket fee of $20 is charged for all scripts approved by the doctor.

Please ask out staff if you requite any further clarification of the fee structure.

This is your medical practice, we want you to feel comfortable about what you are paying and why.