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Melanoma and Skin Cancer Checks

Skin Cancer Can Happen to Anyone

Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world and is far to previlant in our Country, but we are doing our part to help.

Highly qualified and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, Dr Edward Or offers a range of treatments for patients. He is dedicated and has a special interest in this area of medicine, regularly attending seminars, workshops and international congress meetings, this commitment allows him to stay up to date with the latest developments and offer our patients cutting-edge treatments. 

If you have a lesion with any of the following characteristics, you can contact our skin cancer clinic for an appointment to diagnose and treat it now.

  • Are you concerned about the sudden appearance of a new mole or freckle?

  • Are you concerned about the change in colour of a mole or freckle?

  • Do you have a sore that won’t heal, or heals only to reappear later?


Melanoma, Spot Checks and Full-Body Skin Checks

Whether you’ve discovered a troubling new lesion on your skin or you simply wish to be proactive, Dr Edward Or examines spot checks and full-body skin cancer checks at his surgery using the latest digital technology. Offering melanoma, spot checks and full body skin checks at both Or Medical in Tamworth and his rooms in Inverell NSW. 

In addition to these checks, Dr Or also partners with the government and large corporations (mining, etc.) to provide health and wellbeing checks for their employees. Employees can come to the practice, or Dr Edward Or will attend onsite. He travels across rural New South Wales and throughout Australia when necessary.

Skin cancer is treatable, but early detection is the key. Let Dr Edward Or give you the tools you need to enjoy healthy skin for life. Call today to book an appointment.